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Here’s what you should know about flu season

Philly Voice (Health) 2/3 10:13A Peter Key, Sponsored by Independ
The viruses that cause influenza circulate all year long, but they are most widespread in the United States during late fall and winter. That’s why that time of year is referred to as flu season.

How does body weight affect the brain? A new study offers new clues

Philly Voice (Health) 1/31 10:12A Tracey Romero
Scientists have been trying for years to understand how body weight – particularly higher body weight – affects the brain. Many studies have found that obesity leads to declines in the executive functioning needed to plan and carry out tasks, and...

What is anaphylaxis and how can it be avoided?

Philly Voice (Health) 1/30 5:13A Peter Key, Sponsored by Independ
Many kinds of allergic reactions are more annoying than harmful. Not anaphylaxis. If not addressed promptly, it can cause a potentially fatal condition called anaphylactic shock.

Marriage provides health benefits – and here's why

Philly Voice (Health) 1/28 12:05A Libby Richards, Melissa Franksan
Marriage provides an array of health benefits, including a sense of belonging, more opportunities for social engagement and reduced feelings of loneliness. Research shows married people eat better and are less likely to smoke and drink...
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